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Re: NFS oddities with MacOX X clients

In article <>,
Emmanuel Dreyfus <> wrote:
>I have a NFS server that has frequent crashes which I suspect to be
>caused by MacOS X NFS client.
>Last problem encountered: a directory gets inaccssible:
>ls -ld directory fails with "bad file descriptor", so does stat(1).
>hexdump directory shows only zeros. cd says that the directory does not
>I tried to unmount to run fsck, the umount command got stuck (in vnode)
>and was unkillable by kill -9. The filesystem was unmounted anyway, but
>fsck would hang without doing anything on it. It was possible to kill
>fsck, though.
>Dropping in single user does not improve. An attempt to reboot caused an
>attempt to sync the disks (it gave up) , and ended with the machine
>frozen on its console. It was still possible to get into ddb, but a
>reboot from ddb did not manage to restart the machine.
>After reboot, the filesystem is in an ugly shape and needs a manual
>fsck. See below. Isn't it horrible?

Yes, it is horrible. No stack traces? Does the server ever crash during
NFS operations?


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