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Re: native xorg and pkgsrc

On Sun, Nov 02, 2008 at 04:08:53PM +0100, Bernd Ernesti wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 02, 2008 at 03:01:11PM +0000, Patrick Welche wrote:
> > Is there a way of saying e.g. when building pkgsrc cairo "please don't build
> > the pixman package but use libpixman from /usr/X11R7/lib"? (Or am I jumping
> > the gun and should be patient?)
> You didn't update your native xorg.

With src, xsrc, pkgsrc of yesterday

        -lc.12 => /usr/lib/
        -lm.0 => /usr/lib/
        -lpixman-1.0 => /usr/pkg/lib/
        -lz.1 => /usr/lib/
        -lfreetype.6 => /usr/pkg/lib/
        -lexpat.1 => /usr/pkg/lib/
        -lfontconfig.1 => /usr/pkg/lib/
        -lglitz.1 => /usr/pkg/lib/
        -lpng12.0 => /usr/pkg/lib/
        -lX11.6 => /usr/X11R6/lib/
        -lXrender.1 => /usr/pkg/lib/
        -lXdmcp.6 => /usr/X11R7/lib/
        -lXau.6 => /usr/X11R7/lib/
        -lX11.6 => /usr/X11R7/lib/
        -lpthread.0 => /usr/lib/

The solution is, blow away /usr/pkg /var/db/pkg and start again. (pkg_delete
pixman, Xrender, fontconfig to start, but its hard to be sure what's left)



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