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Re: HSDPA connexion for the dummies ?

>> When I plug it, I get :
> Rightt, uhmodem is another candidate. At some point we should decide
> which driver is better :)
>> The modem is blinking blue.
> That might be ok.
>> # pppd
>> Serial connection established.
>> Using interface ppp0
>> Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/ttyU0
>> Modem hangup
>> Connection terminated.
> Try "pppd debug" in that case.

already done it but it doesn't say more things :(

looking for "ucom0" in google, I found

I added the /etc/remote line, using the baudrate you gave me and issued
the "tip ucom0" command. I entered the tested commands and it replies
things that looked like the same as in the doc :)


PS: can you keep me CCed; I don't get the replies (don't know why) and
have to check/copy/paste for :)

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