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How does one build NetBSD/usermode?

(from irc:)

How does one build NetBSD/usermode? I think I tried once and failed, but I
don't remember how I tried it.

I don't suppose you need to make a whole system, just a kernel.

./ -m usermode fails with ERROR: Unknown target MACHINE: usermode

and after nbconfig GENERIC / nbmake depends, tools.amd64/bin/nbmake
fails with

/usr/include/machine/vmparam.h:167: error: field 'pvh_lock' has incomplete type

I presume that is where I got stuk last time.

Oh, that is probably not setting up the crosscompilation environment...

tools.amd64/bin/nbmake-amd64 fails with

sh: /vol1/rhialto/tools.amd64/bin/usermode--netbsd-gcc: not found

hm... I hope I don't need another set of cross-tools for usermode...
which I can't build anyway, because -m usermode refuses to do

So, what is the secret?

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