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Re: native Xorg now used by default on some platforms

Hi folks,

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 12:09:35PM +1100, matthew green wrote:
> i've removed the MKXORG variable from the build system.  MKX11
> once again controls building X11 or not, and a new X11FLAVOUR
> variable can be set to Xorg or XFree86 to pick which version
> to build.  the default for X11FLAVOUR for the amd64, i386,
> macppc, shark, sparc & sparc64 platforms has been set to Xorg.
> all other platforms still use XFree86 for now.
> what does this mean for you?  if you has set MKXORG=yes and
> MKX11=no to get native xorg up to now, you need to switch
> back to MKX11=yes.

I've build from scratch (and updated it later when i got a build error) 

./ -x -u -V X11FLAVOUR=Xorg -X /usr/sources/ 
    distribution sets

But i get the error that there are 11354 extra files in DESTDIR and they 
are in /usr/X11R6 and some in /usr/libdata/lint/.

Does that mean that it build BOTH XFree and Xorg ? Its -current from y/day.

With regards,

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