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Re: /bin/sh is broken with parser.c v 1.72

Le 7 nov. 08 à 23:18, Christos Zoulas a écrit :

On Nov 7, 10:12pm, (vincent) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: /bin/sh is broken with parser.c v 1.72

| Le 7 nov. 08 =E0 18:30, Adam Hoka a =E9crit :
| >>> $NetBSD: parser.c,v 1.70 2008/11/05 22:04:43 christos Exp $
| I just happened to note that I have rev 1.72 in my CVS branch.
| With that version, configuring nbmake fails lamentably: the script =20
| cannot detect the a.out file produced by cc and tries to execute =20
| "./" !!!
Can you be more specific on how to reproduce the failure with 1.72?

With a 5.99.1 userland, go to the src/bin/sh, make and install. Then wipe out the tools directory and try to rebuild. Bootstraping nbmake fails with "cc cannot create executables" and the symptom is what I explained before.

In fact, I had to revert to src/bin/sh/parser.c v 1.69 (NetBSD 5 branch) and everything works fine again.


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