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Re: dk* drivers on NetBSD 5.0 (beta)-install


Quoting vincent <>:
I am trying to install NetBSD on my new Late2008 MacBook (aluminium
case). While I've managed to make space for a decent partition and to
install rEFIt, the install kernel will not allow me to copy the code on
a dk wedge: I correctly get wd0, dk0,1 and 2 messages but I cannot
choose anything else than wd0 to install NetBSD on.
I've had a similar problem with a less recent MacBook.

The solution for me was not to use the GPT partitions, but stay with the MBR that is exposed by refit.
For that, i had to comment the
line in GENERIC

You can see
about the a similar problem. Even if you could select a wedge, it won't install.

The dmesg is interesting, many new options introduced by the Nvidia
chipset are of course detected but not configured (there is also a
"coprocesseur" ACPI id, probably in relation with CUDA), but some seem
to work, ex : video0 for the built-in Isight.

Does anybody know how to get the kernel properly copied to dk2 instead
of wd0? Shall I use a custom Install kernel? Anything else?


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