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Re: Building -current/netbsd-5 on Solaris: warning for tools/file

On Nov 4,  1:38pm, (Hubert Feyrer) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Building -current/netbsd-5 on Solaris: warning for tools/file

| [adding christos@ as file maintainer to CC:]
| On Tue, 4 Nov 2008, Luke Mewburn wrote:
| > I'll attempt to get a test system up & running to reproduce
| > the problem you're seeing, and I may even be able to generate
| > some fixes to feed "upstream" back to Christos.  (Unless
| > you or Christos beat me to the punch :)
| Comparing NetBSD's in-tree version and the latest file version (4.26), 
| I've reduced the diffs to the one below, which fixes things for me.
| It gets things going on Solaris, and doesn't seem to do any harm when 
| building netbsd-5 on Linux, Mac OS and NetBSD.
| No, I don't think this kind of patches should happen, but it *does* fix 
| the situation.
| Do I want to commit this? Christos?

Yes, please commit it.


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