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Re: Building -current/netbsd-5 on Solaris: warning for tools/file

On Mon, Nov 03, 2008 at 03:17:26PM +0100, Hubert Feyrer wrote:
  | More data points:
  | creating a separate build directory, changing to it, and then running  
  | NetBSD's configure and building does not work, giving the listed error:
  |     sh ~/cvs/src-5/dist/file/configure --prefix=$HOME/file.bin ; make
  | However, insisting that file offset is 32bit (instead of the 64bit  
  | detected by configure), it works:
  |     env ac_cv_sys_file_offset_bits=32 sh ~/cvs/src-5/dist/file/configure 
--prefix=$HOME/file.bin ; make
  | Funny enough, taking latest (vanilla) 4.26 file sources, things build  
  | fine. So my gut feeling is that it's not configure that's goofing up, but 
  | that there's some missing #define to tell "use 64bit!" when building on  
  | Solaris.
  | If anyone got some smart hints, let me know. :)

I've run into this problem before; where AC_SYS_LARGEFILE doesn't
do the right thing on Solaris.

The problem is explained better at:

In summary, file/configure needs to ensure that it pulls in its
"config.h" (which may have defines for _FILE_OFFSET_BITS) before
it pulls in any other (system) header.

I'll attempt to get a test system up & running to reproduce
the problem you're seeing, and I may even be able to generate
some fixes to feed "upstream" back to Christos.  (Unless
you or Christos beat me to the punch :)


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