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Re: DRM for newer gfx chips?


> the onboard radeon chip RS780 on my new board seems to be not supported
> by the drm code.
> Adding 'radeondrm* at vga?' changed nothing at the 'drm at vga0 not 
> configured'
> kernel output (i386).

I've given an eye on it this day, because I wanted to enable DRM/DRI support for
my own graphical card.

Radeon is known to support recent chips. But on NetBSD, there is no DRM support
for chips newer than the RV410 generation.

My laptop is shipped with a x1600 mobility, and it is *not* recognized.
(speacking about DRM, it works great with Xorg)

That's because the PCI IDs list for the radeon driver isn't updated (maybe the
radeon driver code needs to be update too)

Take a look at /usr/src/sys/dev/pci/dri/drm_pciids.h

Radeon should support newer chips (mine, as least). By the way, these chips are
now supported in OpenBSD -current, so NetBSD should upgrade its code to get it
too :)

I'll send a PR to ask for this upgrade. I've trying to make some changes by
myself, but I don't have sufficient skills to get any result...



Sébastien BOCAHU - zecrazytux
zecrazytux @ #labo-linux #labo-linux.bsd @

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