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Re: [Ipsec-tools-devel] racoon+NAT-T and racoon+debug+IPv6 not so happy?

>> Thus wrote VANHULLEBUS Yvan (
> [....]
>> This is in ipsecdoi_id2str() that only gets called in the debug case.
>> struct sockaddr -> struct sockaddr_storage fixes the stack overflow.
> Is this "the good way to fix the overflow, which is done in that
> structure" or is this "some extra memory allocation which seems to
> avoid crashes after an overflow somewhere else" ?

Yvan, this is the official way to fix it. IPv6 requires usage of
sockaddr_storage instead of sockaddr (which was the IPv4 time standard).
They changed the name to keep binary compatibility. Who ever added the
IPv6 stuff to that func was missing the conversion of sockaddr.

So yes, this is the correct thing to do.

- Timo

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