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Re: WAPBL on multicore, 1 (ONE!) process...

"Martin S. Weber" writes:
> I dunno .. maybe the option WAPBL_DEBUG_SERIALIZE can be removed again,
> for - at least for me - it doesn't change anything about the performance.
> It sucks before, it sucks afterwards. I'm surprised to see my home laptop
> (a cure duo in contrast to the quadcore at work) having a nice performance
> with wapbl...
> I'm not asking if anybody else has seen this because I know they have;
> I'm just wondering whether wapbl will go into 5.0 in that state.

My guess is that you're running into performance issues with disk 
cache flushing as documented here:

This is on the list of things that should really be fixed before 5.0 


Greg Oster

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