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Unable to login after upgrade


I've updated to -current on one of my systems and is now unable to login. Booting to single user to change root passwd gives me:

Unable to change auth token: failed to recover old authentication token

chsh startled me a bit:

# chsh
chsh: unknown user: uid 0

Google used to be my friend but has not been helpful.

This is (naturally) most likely self inflicted when I did the etcupdate:
1) I choose to merge /etc/passwd
2) I choose to keep my /etc/passwd.conf which looks like this:
          localcipher = blowfish, 7
          ypcipher = blowfish, 7
3) I kept my existing /etc/rc.conf
4) I selected 'i' install for the remaining files.

Various settings for "localcipher" have been tried but to no avail.

I am totally lost and have no idea how to move on. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Just being able to boot to multiuser with a valid root user would be a major success!

Kind Regards,
Claus Andersen

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