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Re: EeePc A1000H

On Oct,Saturday 25 2008, at 3:10 PM, Quentin Garnier wrote:

On Sat, Oct 25, 2008 at 02:35:17PM +0200, Havard Eidnes wrote:
vendor 0x1969 product 0x1026 (ethernet network, revision 0xb0) at pci2 dev 0 function 0 not configured

Attansic Technology L1 Ethernet, which might be handled by lii

Actually...  The Attansic L1 Ethernet is quite different from the
Attansic L2 Ethernet, contrary to what the name indicates.  It is
therefore unlikely that the lii driver will ever handle this device.

FreeBSD has driver support for the L1 device in their age(4) driver,
so there appears to be a starting point for porting a driver from
that.  I'm not aware of anyone actively working on it (though I'm not

I've been given access to a machine with a L1 so I'll port age(4) over.

But the chip on the EeePC is *not* an Attansic L1, it is an Atheros L1e,
which is again a different beast.

There is some work on FreeBSD driver for Atheros L1e in progress from [1].




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