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Re: install kernel broken on amd64? wrote:

> I have just built an install iso for amd64 from a source tree that I
> updated last night - when I boot it in a qemu x86_64 emulator the
> kernel panics with:
> warning: no /dev/console
> panic: cnopen: no console device

I think qemu's ACPI emulation is broken with
newer our acpi implementation.
With ACPI enabled kernel the pci bus is not probed
(then neither vga and it causes the panic).

Booting a kernel with -2 (disable ACPI) works.

qemu doesn't emulate delay on BIOS either, so you have to
boot the default kernel first, reboot again, and then
hold space to get boot prompt.

> Is this known?

There is the similar device probe problem on i386 emulation:

Izumi Tsutsui

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