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Re: WAPBL and replaying log

On Friday 10 October 2008 16:27:51 Simon Burge wrote:
> > As I'm not sure as to whether this will work, it's been sitting on
> > replaying log for some time now, would using:
> >
> > tunefs -l 0 /dev/vnd0a
> >
> > Allow fsck to revert to checking with no log? or is a successful mount
> > required?
> That will just tell the WAPBL code to disable the log next time, but
> will still try to replay the journal at next mount.
> > I thought I'd ask before completely destroying the image :)
> A couple of things to try first:
>  - Mounting read-only should just replay the journal to memory instead
>    of to disk.  That should at least indicate if the journal itself is
>    corrupt or not.
>  - Fsck also knows how to replay the journal if you give it the -f flag.
>    I don't know if -n will replay to memory like a read-only mount does.
>    You could try "fsck -n -f ..." first or just "fsck -f ...".

Thanks Simon, and sorry for the delayed reply.

I think I missed the sign that said 'don't panic' ... as it seems the problem 
was my patience.

I guess I didn't expect it to take approx. an hour. Letting it sit, it managed 
to progress. I guess this is just one of the side effects of running a domu 
from a file image on a raid1 when parity is being rewritten.

At least the dom0 didn't panic, which has occurred in the past.

Thanks for your assistance though.


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