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wabl and replaying log

I've been using wabl for a while and so far have had a good experience.

Today my xen server crashed and upon reboot all domu started fine except one 
which is sitting on 'replaying log to disk'.

Whenever parity is being rewritten I expect some delays but the domu boot 
process seems to be hung. Attaching the image to a vnd and attempting fsck 
result in the same thing, it just sits on replaying log.

Attempting to mount results in a process I cannot kill.

Is it possible, due to the size of the image, that the replay may just take a 
while? From experience that doesn't seem right.

It almost seems like I have some kind of corruption that wabl doesn't seem to 
be able to address.

Any thoughts? Worst case, I'd like to be able to retrieve the data but at the 
moment I can't fsck or mount.

Thanks for any help.


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