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Re: PCIe dual port gigabit ethernet card (82572GI support)?

        We're using a dual-port GigE Intel FX card with the wm(4) driver based
on the 82546EB chip.  It's rock solid.  Will this not work for you?


On Sep 28,  9:51pm, Bernd Ernesti wrote:
} Subject: PCIe dual port gigabit ethernet card (82572GI support)?
} Hi,
} while looking at the wm driver i can't find a refernce for the 82572GI chip 
in it.
} I take it that this chip is not supported.
} Are there any other PCIe dual port gigabit cards besides the Intel EXPI9402PT 
} which uses the 82572GI?
} I wouldn't mind a non wm card.
} Regards,
} Bernd
>-- End of excerpt from Bernd Ernesti

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