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How do I set up a multicast tunnel?

Hi, I'm looking for info on how to set up a multicast tunnel between a NetBSD-current machine and a Linux machine. Is mrouted the way to go, or is there something better/easier now? I've seen mention of tunneling through GRE, but I'm not sure on the details.

Both machines are serving as NAT devices for their respective LANs and are connected to the public internet. There's also an IPsec tunnel between the two. The multicast tunnel doesn't have to go through IPsec, but it would be nice. I think I saw some Linux documentation saying that one could simply set up the IPsec SPDs entries to have traffic directed to go through the tunnel, but IIRC, that seemed to work on the Linux side, but not on the NetBSD side (I could be wrong though; it's been a while since I tried it).

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