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dbCool driver available

I've been working on a driver for the dbCool(tm) family of thermal controllers and monitors for a few weeks now, and it's just about ready for prime-time!

This driver supports all members of the dbCool family, except for the ADT7490. It supersedes the existing drivers for the ADT7463 and ADT7467 chips.

The driver can be fetched from

The .tgz file includes a few *.diff files that need to be applied to your existing sources, as well as some new files. There's even a new dbcool(4) man page. And for those with macbook G4's, the driver can also be attached to the ki2c SMBus - this has NOT been tested, so I'd really appreciate if someone can check it out!

All feedback will be greatly appreciated. Unless I get significant objections, I'll be committing this in the next week or so, and after some "soak time" I'll be removing the other ADT drivers.

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