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Re: No resume on Sony GRX690

> Ed Gould wrote:
>> I'm running -current (4.99.72, today's sources) on a Sony Vaio 
>> PCG-GRX690.  Suspend (via sysctl -w machdep.sleep_state=3) appears 
>> (mostly?) work, but the machine wil not resume.
>> By mostly works, I mean that the machine appears to shut off (e.g., 
>> fan stops and the "on" light blinks yellow), but the screen does not 
>> off.  It does appear to dim some, though.
>> Any thoughts on debugging this?  Any useful information to provide?
> I suspected that I broke this... :/
> Please try the following patch.

No joy.  Same symptoms.


Ed Gould                  s/v A Cappella


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