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triweekly CVS update output

Updating release-3-0 src tree (netbsd-3-0):

Running the SUP scanner:
SUP Scan for release-3-0 starting at Mon Sep 15 00:07:29 2008
SUP Scan for release-3-0 completed at Mon Sep 15 00:08:04 2008

Updating release-3-1 src tree (netbsd-3-1):

Running the SUP scanner:
SUP Scan for release-3-1 starting at Mon Sep 15 00:19:27 2008
SUP Scan for release-3-1 completed at Mon Sep 15 00:20:01 2008

Updating release-4-0 src tree (netbsd-4-0):
P distrib/notes/acorn32/prep.RISCOS
P distrib/notes/alpha/hardware
P distrib/notes/alpha/install
P distrib/notes/amiga/install
P distrib/notes/amiga/prep
P distrib/notes/amiga/upgrade
P distrib/notes/atari/xfer
P distrib/notes/cats/prep
P distrib/notes/common/contents
P distrib/notes/common/legal.common
P distrib/notes/common/macros
P distrib/notes/common/main
P distrib/notes/common/sysinst
P distrib/notes/common/upgrade
P distrib/notes/evbarm/install
P distrib/notes/evbarm/prep
P distrib/notes/evbppc/hardware
P distrib/notes/hp300/prep
P distrib/notes/hp700/prep
P distrib/notes/hpcmips/install
P distrib/notes/i386/hardware
P distrib/notes/macppc/hardware
P distrib/notes/macppc/install
P distrib/notes/macppc/prep.OPENFIRMWARE
P distrib/notes/mvme68k/hardware
P distrib/notes/mvme68k/install
P distrib/notes/mvme68k/prep
P distrib/notes/mvme68k/xfer
P distrib/notes/next68k/prep
P distrib/notes/next68k/xfer
P distrib/notes/sandpoint/install
P distrib/notes/sparc/hardware
P distrib/notes/sparc/install
P distrib/notes/sparc/prep
P distrib/notes/sparc64/install
P distrib/notes/sun2/install
P distrib/notes/sun3/install
P distrib/notes/vax/install
U doc/CHANGES-4.0.1

Running the SUP scanner:
SUP Scan for release-4-0 starting at Mon Sep 15 00:27:34 2008
SUP Scan for release-4-0 completed at Mon Sep 15 00:28:14 2008

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