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merge for pciide at cardbus?

Hi! all,

I received the merge request for pciide at cardbus and satalink_cardbus.

I do not think that present pciide(4) assumes cardbus(4).  We think that
we should discuss it to support SATA at Cardbus. 

I added some members for cardbus to the struct pciide_softc, and implement
the method of initialization with pciide_common_cardbus.c.  Moreover,
member cardbus_chip_map is added to the struct pciide_product_desc for
that and it initializes it. pciide at pci will initialize it from chip_map.

And, I prepared satalink at cardbus that operated by this implementation.
Moreover, You might be able to write to viaide at cardbus as much like

I will commit it at the end of next week. Is there a better idea?


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