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Re: Real difference between shutdown(8) and poweroff (8)

On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 10:29:06AM -0700, kamel derouiche wrote:
> My goal is to write a software GUI/GNOME for netbsd,
> which supports the commands: shutdown,
> poweroff,reboot, halt 

It should not offer the last three commands. On systems which use RAIDframe
they will cause a RAID rebuild when the system startup the next time.
"reboot", "halt" and "poweroff" should only be used under rare circustances.

The appropriate commands are

shutdown        bring system to single user mode
shutdown -r     reboot the system
shutdown -h     halt the system
shutdown -p     poweroff the system, or halt it if poweroff is not
                supported by the hardware

Please read the manual page for shutdown(8) for more information.

        Kind regards

Matthias Scheler                        

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