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Re: Revisiting: ipfilter/ipnat problems on -current

On Sun, 7 Sep 2008, Quentin Garnier wrote:

Trying to narrow this down a bit, I decided to verify the integrity of
the NFS file systems.  I logged in to the NFS server and ran cksum on
all of the X install sets, and then I ran the same cksum command on the
system-with-the-problem.  Interestingly, I got different results for one
of the files.  So I unmounted and remounted the file system and reran
cksum, and got wrong results for a different file.  Repeat the umount,
mount, cksum steps again, and got still different results!

Is it always the same one file?

Nope. The file(s) on which the mismatch occurs varies. For example, there's five x*.tgz files in the distribution. Sometimes file xbase is wrong, sometimes it's xcomp, sometimes it's xserver, somtimes it's two files that are wrong. (I never saw it get xetc wrong, and not sure about xfont.)

I'd start doing a tcpdump.  If ipfilter is involved, it means it is
tied to a specific network data pattern.

Yeah, but packets seem to be corrupted after they've been received and verified. Where does tcpdump hook into things? Is it before ipfilter or after? Hopefully after... I guess I'd need to run tcpdump on both the NFS server and the client and compare.

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