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Re: Stack alignment with pthreads

On Friday, at 12:27, Martin Husemann wrote:
| Never mind, it's a bug in lib/libpthread/pthread.c: look for
| pthread__create_tramp and change the alloca call to:
|       (void)alloca((((unsigned)self->pt_lid & 7) << 8) - sizeof(retval));
| Untested, but that should work.

Unfortunately, I cannot test right now (I'll be able to test in a couple of

But I think that I fiddle with this line already when I started to fight with
the problem, and the quick conclusion that I had at that time is that gcc (or
libc) was smart enough to round the stack pointer correctly, no matter what you
put in the alloca(). So I'm affraid your suggestion won't change anything but
I'll recheck more thoroughly.


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