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Re: /var/backups

On Thu, 28 Aug 2008, kamel derouiche wrote:

> > Yep, thanks.  I'll see what happens with
> > backup_uses_rcs=NO first.
> > 
> > Thanks for the suggestions.
> why this value backup_uses_rcs=NO and in /etc/security ?

The "backups" are done in the security script (daily security email), 
because of the security task of comparing and reporting differences of 
various important files with previous (backed up) versions. This includes 
files listed in /etc/mtree/special, /etc/mtree/special.local (of local 
customizations), and /etc/changelist. Also the lists of devices, 
setuid/setgid files, and package metadata are recorded.

By default it uses rcs to keep a running history of revisions of the 
files. Or if backup_uses_rcs is off, then it just keeps two 
revisions: the most current named with extension .current and the older 
named with extension .backup. Note that it doesn't backup every day, but 
only backs up modified files.

In addition, to the daily security report highlighting differences, the 
backups are also useful to administrators for emergency recoveries or 
manual comparisons. (As an example, you can review old fstab files and 
user database changes.)

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