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Re: (Eee PC and) SolidState Disk and filesystems options



I'm on my way to reinstall 4.99.72/i386 on my Eee PC 900 so I can try
FFSv2+log. I read a few things about FS and SSD and wanted feedback from

1. One says "no swap partition on SSD". No problem for me, because I have
2Go of RAM and probably will never need swap. But can I still zzz(8)
without a swap partition ? If not, can I zzz(8) with a swap file not on
the SSD (on a SDHC for example) ?

2. One says "Never choose to use a journaling file system on the SSD
partitions". Is FFSv2+log a bad idea with a SSD ? I don't see how
journalising can generate more writes than a non-journalising FS ? Seems
to me that journalising is even smarter regarding writes.

Journaling doesn't create to much writes but with journal you are continuously
rewriting small part of disk aka journal area.



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