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Re: ftpd file transfer speed troubleshooting

On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 03:34:39PM -0700, Camilo Reyes wrote:
  | > From: Luke Mewburn <>
  | > Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 6:11:53 PM
  | > Both ftpd (server) and ftp (client) support rate limiting
  | > the transfer, but that has to be explicitly configured
  | > in either application -- it's not a default setting.
  | > 
  | > (This is unlikely to be your specific problem, but it's
  | > worth highlighting the feature :)
  | > 
  | How can I set this configuration in the files? Thnx.

Search for "rate" in ftpd(8) and ftpd.conf(5) (for the server)
and ftp(1) (for the client).

The server actually supports two different forms of rate limiting;
the first is enforced by the server admin with the "rateget" and
"rateput" directives in ftpd.conf(5), and the second is requested
by a client using tnftpd (NetBSD ftpd) specific "site rateget" and
"site rateput" command extensions, which allows rate limiting
to be used even if the ftp client doesn't support it.

The ftp client (AKA tnftp) allows rate limiting to be controlled via
the command line (-T) or via the "rate" command.  "rate" can be
provided interactively, or setup in ~/.netrc.


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