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problems with vncviewer (was "problem with vnc viewer not drawing a window")

I think I was mistaken about the vncviewer running, but not drawing a window.

I can start the vncserver fine. When I try to run a vncviewer on dom0,
the following happens:
A window gets drawn, prompting me for a password.
I type in the password, and get the following error
 main:        InStream max string length exceeded

Here's what the log file has to say.

19/08/08 18:57:32 Got connection from client
19/08/08 18:57:32 Protocol version 3.3
19/08/08 18:57:37 Client gone
19/08/08 18:57:37 Statistics:
19/08/08 18:57:37   framebuffer updates 0, rectangles 0, bytes 0

How can I have it give me more information? Googling the error message
didn't help me much.

If this was the wrong mailing list let me know.

Thanks once again for all feedback.

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