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Re: ftpd file transfer speed troubleshooting

On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 07:50:06AM -0700, Camilo Reyes wrote:
  | All, ever since I updated to current my ftp file transfers do not go
  | up beyond 200k/s, any idea on how to troubleshoot this issue? Are
  | there any ftp file settings I need to change? The problem could be
  | somewhere else, but I was getting great connectivity on my machine
  | until I upgraded to current. Thnx.

Is it transfers to/from the local ftpd server,
or using the ftp client?

Both ftpd (server) and ftp (client) support rate limiting
the transfer, but that has to be explicitly configured
in either application -- it's not a default setting.

(This is unlikely to be your specific problem, but it's
worth highlighting the feature :)


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