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Re: wpa_supplicant before dhcpcd

On Mon, 2008-08-18 at 21:59 +0200, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 08:57:29PM +0100, Roy Marples wrote:
> > So there would be a need for dhcpcd to act in a similar way? Now it has
> > carrier link code, waiting for the interface to appear and expire the
> > lease when it dissappears should be fairly trivial.
> I don't think so -- that part can easily be handled by an external
> daemon. The problem with wpa_supplicant is that it opens a socket by
> default. I have to check versions newer than 0.6.2 (the version in
> -current) for dynamic support.

I must be being dense, but I don't see the difference or why sockets
have anything to do with it :)

wpa_supplicant - waits for interface (use the -w flag)
dhcpcd - waits for interface (use the -not_done_yet flag)


ifwatchd - waits for interface
script it so that it launches wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd
and kill them when done



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