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is fgrep -w broken

Before I file a pr about fgrep -w being broken, am I mistaken?

On NetBSD, amd64, -current version of fgrep (rebuilt fresh from sources):

perry@snark:/usr/src/sys/ufs/ufs$ fgrep -w direct dir.h

and there are several instances of "direct" as a single word in the
file, like:

struct  direct {

When I try this on a Linux box with the same file, I find them no problem:

perry@hackworth$ fgrep -w direct dir.h
 * a struct direct at the front of it, containing its inode number,
struct  direct {
 * the directory entry.  This requires the amount of space in struct direct
        ((sizeof(struct direct) - (FFS_MAXNAMLEN+1)) + (((namlen)+1 + 3) &~ 3))
 * Template for manipulating directories.  Should use struct direct's,

So, is fgrep -w broken? (Perhaps it is only broken on amd64, perhaps
I'm broken, who knows...)

Perry E. Metzger      

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