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Re: How to crash a 4.99.69 with nothing but an USB stick...

Martin S. Weber wrote:
(NetBSD 4.99.69/i386. 14th of July, GENERIC kernel.)

- Use an MSDOS formatted USB stick.
- insert stick.
- mount
- use the filesystem so the system starts caching (*)
- sync
- umount
- remove the stick. Good chance (but < 100%) the system immediately dies.

- got along in doing so for more than one machine, for more than one stick.
- similarities: heavy activity on the stick, MSDOS filesystem.

- observance1: sometimes the stick blinks (= access) even after umount.
 => I thought this shouldn't happen, access to a device after umount??
- observance2: sometimes the system freezes for some seconds when inserting the 
 => I thought this shouldn't happen, bring down a system with sticking in a HUB
        with a couple of mass storages??

I'd attach the dmesg of the last machine I crashed this way but I don't have
network so would need to use USB transport risking another crash for which I
am not in the mood at the very moment.

I don't have the time to play with other USB media and other filesystems
at the moment as well as with more modern -current's. Have fun!

"Me too". Not right away, but eventually it happens. I'm not sure that it's msdosfs specific, and every time I've triggered it I seem to be using X at the time so I have yet to catch the panic message.


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