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Create script for u-boot image

Hi! all,

This script create the U-boot image.
(just like arch/evbppc/compile/

U-boot can load the text and data sections from image.  And jump to
entry-point.  Also supported gzip-ed kernel.

I tested on KURO-BOX/PRO(evbarm).  Moreover will test GUMSTIX(evbarm).


The u-boot has some problems before version 1.1.5.  This version change
the max gunzip size to 8MByte from 4Mbyte.  Also call ntohl() as entry
point address.
If you use 1.1.4 and older version then:
   must specify '-e entry_point' if your machine works little endian.
   don't specify -z if your kernel size over 4M.


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