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AGP and HP OmniBook problems


I've observed that a recent i386 GENERIC kernel fails to boot in
a reasonable time on my
Hewlett-Packard HP OmniBook PC (HP OmniBook 4150     )
unless I comment out the GENERIC line
    466 ##B0RKED???   agp*      at pchb?

Then I get a bootable kernel.

Is it worth it for me to try to figure out at what point it's
wedging, or should I simply accept this as an incompatibility
between my machine and GENERIC / the agp option, as there seem
to be plenty o' other options I can enable in a custom kernel to
get a non-booting kernel?

It may be a while before I do...  It hangs after partly printing
the agp line at boot.

barry bouwsma


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