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Re: Reboot fails with "dev not configured" error.

On Fri, 18 Jul 2008 23:14:40 -0500
"David Dudley" <> wrote:

> I updated a system to 4.99.70, and have suddenly come up with this
> problem up rebooting.  When I initially rebooted, things worked
> fine.  A few minutes later, the system failed to be able to access
> any files.  I then rebooted the system, and in the process of
> restarting, the loader will load the OS, it goes through the initial
> setup sequence, and then I get a boot failure, saying it can't
> find /bin/sh.  When I press enter, I end up in the shell, but with no
> disk.  Trying to access the disk fails, and when I try to mount the
> thing, I get a 'device not configured' error.
> Is this system totally screwed, or is there some way I can get access
> to the disk?  I've got (maybe it should be 'had) a few files on the
> system I would really like to get back, if I can before completely
> flushing the thing down the drain.
You always have the option of booting a liveCD and copying the data off
via the network or a flash drive.

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