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Re: Using Linux Emulation libraries

David Dudley wrote:
I've got a program supplied by an outside source, designed to run on a
Linux system.

After making some changes to make it compile correctly on NetBSD, I get
an error on loading about 'can't find nss_dns shared library'.

If you really did manage to get it compiled as a NetBSD binary then it shouldn't be looking for that library at all. Is the the exact message you get when you run it, or do you get something like "Shared object "" not found" ? If the latter, then the build process did something to explicitly link against that library and it shouldn't have. You probably just need to remove a -l option from the link command. If the former, then I'm guessing your program is trying to dlopen the library for some reason, in which case you'll need to find that in the code and change it.

To have the program use this library, do I link the program and include
the /usr/pkg/emul/lib directory?  Inserting the directory into the
/etc/ file caused most other programs to fail to work, so I
assume it shouldn't be included there.

No, if you're recompiling it under NetBSD, the whole emulation framework is not needed. You only need that when you're running Linux _binaries_.


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