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locking woes with -current


I updated to -current this week on an Intel Core Duo based laptop and
I have been having some nasty troubles:

1) sometimes file accesses make the requesting process get stuck in the D
state - I enabled LOCKDEBUG and the waitchannel is uvn_fp2.  It looks
like something is not unlocking the uvm_object (v_uobj) that is
associated with the vnode.  I have tried looking for a cause but
cannot spot one, I have not found an easy way of getting the open
files for a process and looking at which is locked (I may write
something for ddb to do this..)

2) When LOCKDEBUG was enabled I would get some random panics about
things trying to be locked at an interrupt level.  These seemed to be
coming from softclock() processing callouts - the ones I saw were
sched_pstats() and pfslowtimo().  They seemed pretty random, I am not
sure if this is just a problem with the LOCKDEBUG code or the callouts
really should not be doing locking

3) Loading a lot of tabs all at once in firefox3 wedged my machine -
this was quite repeatable.  What I would do was click the button to
recover a crashed firefox session - the tabs would all load for a few
seconds and then the machine would just wedge.  I tried typing some
ddb commands blind but the machine appeared unresponsive and had to be

4) Building without MULTIPROCESSOR appears to be broken - I would get
a compile error in kern_stub.c saying you could not have
__HAVE_PREEMPTION without MULTIPROCESSOR.  I may have messed up my
kernel config to do this but I am not sure how.

I am currently running:

NetBSD rover 4.99.69 NetBSD 4.99.69

last updated a day or so ago.

Brett Lymn
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