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Re: slapd memory fault - core dump

On Fri, Jul 04, 2008 at 05:06:52PM +1000, Sarton O'Brien wrote:
> Geert Hendrickx wrote:
> >Does it still happen when you increase (double) the stacksize ulimit?  My
> >slapd on sparc64 crashed (only) when I searched in a non-existing subtree,
> >and doubling the stacksize ulimit solved the problem.
> I thought you were onto something but it seems it still happens. 
> Increasing the default 2048 (which isn't the same as the default listed 
> in login.conf) to 4096 allowed it to function but setting the new limit 
> in login.conf and rebooting resulted in slapd dumping on boot still.
> It still happens when increasing it further.
> It does seem to run more stably when manually launched as I've yet to be 
> able to kill it with samba, so it could be the way I'm setting the value 
> on boot ...
> Does the 'default' entry in login.conf take effect on processes launched 
> from rc.d? I've not defined any classes in passwd.
> I suspect the change is just masking the real problem which is triggered 
> more easily at boot ... but I could easily be wrong.

I put the following in /etc/rc.conf.d/slapd:


        ulimit -s 4096



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