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Re: panic: bnx0 Double mbuf allocation failure!

>that one uses acpi and the other one doesn't.

Yes, I have tested to disable ACPI both in MP and in UP, without any
success. The problem is still here and I hope we can get someone to the
console to do a trace when it has paniced with MP kernel, due to the GDB
doesn't seems to work with the netbsd.0.core at the moment.

# gdb amd64/compile/FROST.debug/netbsd.gdb
(gdb) target kvm /storage/vol0/netbsd.0.core
Cannot access memory at address 0xffff80005bfca6c0

I am going to recompile the kernel with DIAGNOSTIC and disable
ddb.onpanic=0 in sysctl.conf so we can hopefully use DDB instead.

Best regards,

Viktor Holmlund,

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