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Re: crash when disconnecting USB device

Matthias Drochner wrote: said:
db{0}> config_deactivate(5,1,3222dca4,0,c04c11a0,1,cc22dc7c,c02eb601,c2
068f00,5) at netbsd:config_deactivate+0x14
at netbsd:config_deactivate+0x49
10,c1a631b0,c1b17500) at netbsd:config_detach+0xa1

I don't see problems with umass devices like a memory stick.
Also the stacktrace doesn't make much sense because config_deactivate()
can't recurse into itself.
So I'd suspect some memory corruption, a guess would be in the umodem
code because this is something I can't test.

FYI, I've had a bunch of crashes recently when connecting/disconnecting USB devices as well (none of them umodems, only umass) but I never did get a stack trace as I always had X running at the time.


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