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panic in flush_pagedep_deps

With yesterday's (19-June-2008) amd64 (MP) code (no more waiters assertions)
I now got a

panic: flush_pagedep_deps: flush failed

while moving files on a raid1 ffsv1 softdep root disk.

panic() +0x260
softdep_sync_metadata() +0x4a9
ffs_full_fsync() +0x1dc
ffs_fsync() +0x54
VOP_FSYNC() +0x71
ffs_truncate() +0x3fa
ufs_direnter() +0x480
ufs_rename() +0xa68
VOP_RENAME() +0x75
do_sys_rename() +0x577
syscall() +0x9a

(Most where moves of a filename to an already existing filename)




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