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HEADS UP: pf(4) update

pf(4) in NetBSD -current has been updated to OpenBSD 4.2 based pf.

There are a few important things to note about this update:

- A new pfctl must be installed before booting a kernel with the new pf.

- 'keep state' is now the default for pf rules, use 'no state' to
  disable stateful filtering.

- 'flags S/SA' is now the default on TCP connections, use 'flags any' to
  disable flags checking.

- The pflog device is now a cloning device, pflog0 will
  automatically be created when starting pflogd.

- There's a new libevent-based ftp-proxy in /usr/sbin, which runs in
  standalone mode. Use ftp_proxy=YES in rc.conf to start it at boot time.
  The old ftp-proxy in /usr/libexec has been removed.

If you notice any problems, please send a problem report with the
send-pr(8) tool.

Peter Postma

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