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Re: sk/skc/makphy breakage on current

On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 09:02:10PM -0400, Gary Duzan wrote:
>    Has anyone else had problems with sk ethernet recently? It seems
> to gradually get worse, trashing my connections, hanging NFS, and
> once actually panicing:
> skc0 at pci5 dev 6 function 0: ioapic0 pin 21
> skc0: interrupt moderation is 0 us
> skc0: DGE-530T Gigabit Ethernet Adapter rev. (0x9)
> sk0 at skc0 port A: Ethernet address 00:15:e9:bd:0c:1e
> makphy0 at sk0 phy 0: Marvell 88E1011 Gigabit PHY, rev. 5
> skc0: interrupt moderation is 1000 us
> panic: sk_jfree: buffer not in use!

That sounds like the issue I "fixed" a while ago in nfe(4).  It appears
that the callback used to free mbuf external storage is not called at
splnet() ever since... some unknown changes (Andrew, do you know exactly
what made that happen?), so you need to introduce a mutex protecting the
allocator structures.

It's a rather easy fix, I'll have a try at it later, unless someone
beats me to it.  All other mbuf external storage allocators should be
audited, they're likely to suffer from the same issue as well.

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