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NetBSD CVS Digest volume 2, issue 12

This issue:

Branch simonb-wapbl: Initial commit of Wasabi System's WAPBL (Write Ahead Physical Block Logging) journaling code. Originally written by Darrin B. Jewell while at Wasabi and updated to -current by Antti Kantee, Andrew Doran, Greg Oster and Simon Burge. [Simon Burge]

Unify splraiseipl(9) implementation among m68k ports as per suggestion from isaki@ on port-m68k. [Izumi Tsutsui]

Always update the desired power status of each CardBus function, even if we cannot remove power from the function because its device property 'pmf-powerdown' is present and equal to false. Because we were not tracking the power status properly before, we were not taking cards out of reset after a suspend/resume cycle on their CardBus bridge. We would lose the use of the card that way. [David Young]

A load of work splitting device_t/softc in various drivers [various]



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