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Re: Hangs while building the tree in -current

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Scott Ellis wrote:
| On Thu, June 12, 2008 2:51 am, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
|> I'll try now with kern.maxproc up to, say, 5000 from the default just
|> over a thousand.
| This has no effect for me on amd64. :-(  I got a hang on a cvs update and
| then another when building, both with maxproc set to 5000 (default was
| 276).

I also have another issue that occurs sometimes, but not all the time.
It has been going on for about 4 months now.  I did mention it on
current-users a while back, but thought it was something unique to me
since no one else seemed to report it.

Here are the symptoms:

Nothing is logged to syslog that indicates a problem.

Nothing is logged by the kernel (to dmesg buffer) that indicates a problem.

The machine becomes less and less responsive.

If I catch it in time, I can reboot it.

There are many, many "find" processes running usually, some many days
old.  They are the daily run, and it seems that the more that get into
this "stuck" state the slower the machine becomes.

... Until all of a sudden I cannot do anything with it, and even "date"
or "ps ax" takes many minutes to complete.

This happens on my uniprocessor machine (which acts as a router and mail
server/gateway) and on my dual-core "server" machine.  I've had it
happen on my laptop twice as well, in that case moving the cursor in X
will cause massive lag -- I'll move the cursor, and literally 5 minutes
later the cursor finishes its move, all in one jump usually.

- --Michael

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