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Re: Postfix LDAP schema

matthew sporleder wrote:
I'm seeking some standards for postfix and ldap.  Postfix doesn't
provide a schema and, instead, provides a free mapping mechanism.  So
far I've found mention of people using the sendmail schema, the
courier schema, and this: .

If you're already using ldap for postfix (aliases, etc), please give
me some direction.

I use postfix.schema but I believe it was provided? I don't seem to remember having to download it from sourceforge ... but they are identical.

postfix.schema is fine in combination with core.schema. Anything outside the virtual host/single uid email scenario requires creativity but all schema's require interpretation based on the scenario/requirements.

It's hard to define due to it being open to interpretation but if you're to standardise, you'd need to base it on how you intend to query via postfix and the logic behind it.

Mine is pretty simple:

mail = any valid alias/address for that user/container
maildrop = final dest. email address for user/container
mailbox = relative physical location to virtual_mailbox_base
maildest = Maildir base for courier imap

So I managed to cut the config back to two almost identical ldap queries and a binary db file for the actual listing of the virtual domains. The only annoying thing were some of the 'requires' in the schema. I just used the additonal required attributes for ftp auth/access and courier imap etc but it's not ideal.

Because it is so flexible, you can move everything to ldap or only half, as I have, which means you only utilise what you need. How any of this translates into a standard I have no idea.

If you were to move as much as possible to ldap then postfix.schema seems to facilitate this the most, mainly due to the transport attributes.

Hope that helps ...


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