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Re: Strange tcpdump behavior?

> While looking for some other problem, I noticed the following strange output
> from tcpdump.  Pay close attention to the UDP port numbers in the following:
> 14:37:13.609510 IP (tos 0x0, ttl 64, id 20218, offset 0, flags [none], proto
> UDP (17), length 152, bad cksum 0 (->3197)!) quicky.155202703 > speedy.nfs:
> 124 getattr [|nfs]

see tcpdump(8):

  NFS Requests and Replies

  (note that the number following the src host is a transaction id,
  not the source port).



C isn't that hard: void (*(*f[])())() defines f as an array of
unspecified size, of pointers to functions that return pointers to
functions that return void.

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