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Re: ipf/ipnat behavior

On Sunday 01 June 2008 23:31:13 Darren Reed wrote:
I believe the problem with "keep state" is now fixed with my
most recent commit and this may also fix the NAT problems
people were seeing... I'll do some more testing.  Please update
your kernel with the latest version of that file.

I don't think that IPNAT is quite fixed yet. I've just rebuilt with the latest change to ip_state.c and I'm still having the same problems accessing remote NFS-mounted file systems with ipf and ipnat enabled.

{320} head /build/src/sys/dist/ipf/netinet/ip_state.c
/*      $NetBSD: ip_state.c,v 1.32 2008/06/01 22:26:11 darrenr Exp $    */

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